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We live in an age of rapidly developing electronic technologies. Many human features have replaced the computer programs. Today, even the usual paper books are not popular. People are becoming more read electronic versions of books. This is not bad. On the flash card the size of a small coin can fit an impressive library and have it always with you. E-book reader device, allow fans to enjoy reading interesting novel, everywhere and always, as soon as free time. Reading books again rapidly returned to our lives. The youth began to read, using the latest electronic gadgets. And it's great. Books are not only able to make a person better, they can change society as a whole. Books develop human, make him attentive, creative, kind, and intelligent, after all. Whatever you read, you are improving yourself. At least, you develop your speech, enrich vocabulary and develop memory. And this is a lot. Read man always easy to spot in the company. It is easy to communicate, to the best jokes, support any conversation. Read the book for the sake of self, for the sake of pleasure.

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